Full Stop Auto Centre

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Mechanical Repairs


With our Ontario Certified Licensed red seal technicians We offer complete mechanical service for all makes of vehicles. From basic service like oil changes, brakes, steering and tires to more in-depth diagnosis, wiring repairs and module replacement, reprogramming and updating. If the dealer or you mechanic can't figure it out bring it to Full Stop.

Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning system is blowing warm air or not as cold as it used to be, your drives can quickly become uncomfortable, and that's where Full Stop Auto can help. Our shop is fully equipped to perform any A/C repair service on your vehicle whether it uses R134a refrigerant or the new R1234yf refrigerant. Our licensed technicians have the right equipment and tools to find the problems and solutions for your car's A/C system, regardless of the problems severity we can provide the necessary services to ensure your car's A/C system is always at its best.

4 Wheel Alignment

We offer computerized laser 4 wheel alignments with our state of the art alignment machine. With the amount and size of potholes on the roads today it's always good to have your alignment checked to prevent unnecessary and premature tire wear.

Safety Inspections

As a Ministry of Transportation Ontario certified Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. We offer vehicle safety inspections for the transfer of vehicles or if you just want to be sure of the condition of you car


Warranty on mechanical services comes with a standard 6 month 5000 KM warranty on parts and labor on defects and workmanship. But if the parts have any additional warranty it will be applied also.